Creating Autonomous Vehicle Systems
Shaoshan Liu, PerceptIn
Liyun Li, Baidu US
Jie Tang, South China University of

Shuang Wu, YiTu
Jean-Luc Gaudiot, University of
California, Irvine
Paperback ISBN:
eBook ISBN: 9781681730080
October 2017, 196 pages


Morgan & Claypool Publishers
is proud to announce the publication of the first technical book on autonomous
vehicles for a general computer science audience.  Creating Autonomous
Vehicle Systems
is written by four leading research and development experts
in the field and provides both underlying theory and practical applications for
this fast-growing technology area.


This book will be useful to
hardware and software engineers, students, and autonomous vehicle researchers
and practitioners. Students interested in autonomous driving will find this a
comprehensive overview of the entire autonomous vehicle technology stack.
Researchers will find plenty of references for an effective, deeper exploration
of the various technologies, and practitioners will find many practical
techniques used successfully by the authors.


Autonomous driving is not one
single technology; it is an integration of many technologies. It demands
innovations in algorithms, system integrations, and cloud platforms. Creating
Autonomous Vehicle Systems
covers each of these subsystems in detail:
algorithms for localization, perception, and planning and control; client
systems, such as the robotics operating system and hardware platform; and the
cloud platform, which includes data storage, simulation, high-definition (HD)
mapping, and deep learning model training.


Review copies (eBook) are available for academic
and professional courses as well as for media. Please contact Brent Beckley (

Morgan & Claypool Announces First Comprehensive, Technical Autonomous Vehicles Book