Call For Participation
Fifth Workshop on Computer Architecture Research Directions, CARD 2019
Held in conjunction with the ISCA 2019
Sunday, June 23 2019, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
CARD 2019 presents three mini-panels consisting of three experts in the field,
two as panelists and the third as a moderator/panelist. The purpose of this
workshop is to serve as a forum in which experts in each field can debate the
state of the field and future directions. The format is designed to quickly
focus on areas of disagreement, rather than expounding on areas of agreement
which, presumably, have ceased to be controversial, at least between the two
The hope is that the workshop will be useful to a diverse audience from a
graduate student looking for good thesis topic areas to a senior researcher
who wants to hear the opinions of other area experts.
Here are the Mini-Panels of CARD 2019
Single-Threaded vs. Multi-Threaded
Moderator: Joel Emer (MIT/NVIDIA), Panelists: Yale Patt (UT) and Mark Hill (Wisconsin)
Moderator: TBA, Panelists: Onur Mutlu (ETH Zurich) and Mattan Erez (UT)
Moderator: David Kaeli (Northeastern), Panelists: Mohit Tiwari (UT) and Yunsi Fei (Northeastern)
Call For Participation: Fifth Workshop on Computer Architecture Research Directions, CARD @ ISCA 2019