Cache Replacement Policies
Akanksha Jain, The
University of Texas at Austin

Calvin Lin, The University of Texas at Austin

Paperback ISBN: 9781681735764
eBook ISBN: 9781681735771
Hardcover ISBN: 9781681735788
June 2019, 87 pages



This book
summarizes the landscape of cache replacement policies for CPU data caches. The
emphasis is on algorithmic issues, so the authors start by defining a taxonomy
that places previous policies into two broad categories, which they refer to as
coarse-grained and fine-grained policies. Each of these categories is then
divided into three subcategories that describe different approaches to solving
the cache replacement problem, along with summaries of significant work in each
category. Richer factors, including solutions that optimize for metrics beyond
cache miss rates, that are tailored to multi-core settings, that consider
interactions with prefetchers, and that consider new memory technologies, are
then explored. The book concludes by discussing trends and challenges for
future work. This book, which assumes that readers will have a basic
understanding of computer architecture and caches, will be useful to academics
and practitioners across the field.

Table of Contents: Preface / Acknowledgments
/ Introduction / A Taxonomy of Cache Replacement Policies / Coarse-Grained
Replacement Policies / Fine-Grained Replacement Policies / Richer
Considerations / Conclusions / Bibliography / Authors’ Biographies


Series: Synthesis Lectures on Computer

Editors: Natalie Enright Jerger, University of Toronto
Martonosi, Princeton University

New Book: Cache Replacement Policies