The 2nd International Workshop on AI-assisted Design for
Architecture (AIDArc-2)

in conjunction with ISCA 2019

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

June 22, 2019

Recent advancements in machine learning algorithms, fueled
by increased data availability and high-performance computing infrastructure,
have led to successful applications of machine learning (and AI in general) in
numerous disciplines and domains. Although much attention has been drawn in the
computer architecture community on accelerating machine learning, limited
research has been conducted to utilize the power of AI/ML to help architects
design better computer architectures and systems.

The AIDArc Workshop is intended to bring together
researchers, scientists and practitioners across academia and industry, to
share early discoveries, successful examples, and opinions on opportunities and
challenges regarding utilizing AI to assist computer architecture designs.
Research along this line may potentially transform the way computers are
designed and optimized. It may also lead to interesting “self-evolving
architecture”, where AI helps to speed up computers which, in turn, are used to
speed up the AI.

This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Henry Hoffmann from the
University of Chicago. A tentative schedule is available at

Program Committee

David Brooks, Harvard University

Bella Bose, Oregon State University

Paul Gratz, Texas A&M University

Crayton Hughes, Sandia National Laboratories

Daniel Jimenez, Texas A&M University

Ben Lee, Oregon State University

Tao Li, University of Florida

Ahmed Louri, George Washinton University

Abdullah Muzahid, Texas A&M Universit

Jun Yang, University of Pittsburgh

Cliff Young, Google


Lizhong Chen, Oregon State University,

[Call for Participation] 2nd Workshop on AI-assisted Design for Architecture (AIDArc-2) @ ISCA’19